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Feel free to connect for all types of Madhubani painting in bulk retail and get saree, bedsheets, dupattas, suits, dopta, paag, wall paintings, from here.

Welcome to Mithila Art Center

Welcome to Mithila Art Center was formed in 2014, with a view to promoting Art & Culture and creating awareness for many other issues for societal development especially amongst the youth & children through various forms of Mithila Art Center founded by Sangita Das. Smt. Sangita Das established Mithila Art Center in the year 2014 along with her husband Dr. Chandan Kumar Das and 10 artists, who are registered with MSME.

Today hundreds of artists from Mithila Art Center have become self-sufficient through painting. Mithila Art Center is a team of artists who are willing to serve hand painting and handmade items. Mithila Art Center sells online/offline paintings with organic/herbal colors and paints such as sarees, bedsheets, suits, dupatta, paag, dopta, table cloth, kurta, plazo, wall paintings(poster), etc. by trained professional artists. Order is also taken in wholesale and retail for making Madhubani paintings. We aim to spread awareness for this folk art to provide our services across the world. Mithila Art Center is a platform for aspirants as well as professional artists to showcase their art lovers to buy the original art Online & Offline. Mithila Art Center works with Mithilanchal artisans and craftspersons besides contemporaries and showcases their beautiful work to the world. When you buy from Mithila Art Center you can be assured that you are buying the item directly from its creator.

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